About Our Team


Robert Christopher*


Robert, a long-time resident of Flamborough, now considers Burlington his home. He has embraced all that has made Burlington one of the best cities in Canada to live, perfectly positioned on Lake Ontario with Spencer Smith Park and its many activities, the Centerpiece of the Waterfront.

Robert brings a dynamic blend of business and design experience to the real estate industry. His strong work ethic and passion for people, allows him to provide the highest level of personal attention to each and every client. His personal appreciation for excellence drives him to carefully consider all that he undertakes, and this caution evokes trust with his clients.

Robert is blessed with insight, and uniquely skilled at discerning unspoken needs. His understanding of people and family dynamics, enables him to bridge the gap between differing opinions, leading families to properties they can call home. This is his single purpose.

Judith McCann

Client Care Specialist

Judith has pursued real estate, in several forms, throughout her career giving her a unique breadth of knowledge and understanding of the field. Judith has always loved the aesthetics of interior design and understands that a well-designed space can embrace your quality of life.

With a sincere desire to help others and a keen eye for property and design, she is ready to serve her clients no matter what their needs. Her leadership, problem-solving and organizational skills allow her to be one step ahead so solutions are in place before problems arise.

Throughout her life she's been committed to service excellence, good relationships, and good stewardship. She takes a sensitive, proactive approach to managing the supporting details of a busy modern life to ensure you aren't just settled into your new home, but that you are well-established in your community. Judith knows that it is not the design that makes a house a home; a home is about people being established in a community so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Denise Verhoeven

Executive Assistant

Denise, a long-time resident of Burlington, has always had a passion for working closely with people and providing the highest level of customer service.

She started out in the retail sales where she quickly advanced from Sales Associate to Manager. Denise has always had an interest in real estate, and was hand-picked to be Director of Communications for Keller Williams Edge Realty, and as opportunities grew, she found her calling as Office Administrator with the Robert Christopher Group.

Denise’s understanding of the industry, communications skills, rapport with clients, and commitment to provide the highest level of service, enables her to maneuver through the wide range of wants and needs that our clients require throughout and beyond the sale and purchase of their home.